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You, the reader of this encyclopaedic Web Page of factual blogging, are either a person, a sentient dog, or an extraordinarily well-programmed robot.  It’s virtually impossible for anyone, besides you and the people who know you, to know anything at all about you, but based on known statistical data the following assumptions can be made: you breathe air, have a functioning brain and circulatory system, live somewhere in the known universe, may or may not have friends and hobbies, may have at some undetermined point in the past in some fashion participated in or perhaps just observed some type of unknown activity of a nature that cannot be determined at this time (unless you didn’t, in which case never mind), and you have a job, unless you are a child, or lazy.  Statistically speaking, you are at this moment most likely wearing a red t-shirt with a breast pocket.  Based on these things, it is safe to conclude that you seem like a pretty nice man/woman/child/female child/dog/robot, and are to be commended.  In fact, I think I love you. J. Frederick

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