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DJs are those fellows (or fellettes) you might see at a wedding trying to get everyone to dance. No, not your Uncle Henry! DJs typically use records, also known as CDs, to play popular music. One song a DJ might play is Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message.” DJs come in all shapes and sizes. Some are thin and attractive, while others are very, very fat. Some are even shaped like girls! Some girls are even named “DJ,” such as the eldest daughter on “Full House,” but as that is a fictional show, please take this encyclopedia entry with a grain of salt. No one actually knows what “DJ” stands for. My friend may know, but he’s not answering my calls. One guess is “David Johansen.” Another is “Djimon Hounsou.” DJs were invented in the 20th Century by radio, but quickly spread to every corner of the globe. You may just see one in an alleyway, drinking wine straight from the bottle, if you look hard enough. What does the future hold for DJs? Something involving microchips. Jonny R Goode

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