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R (or r in the little person font) is a letter of the English alphabet. It’s probably in other alphabets too, but I can only vouch for English. Many words could not be written or said without the letter “r.” But there are many that could be. The best way to describe how to pronounce the letter R is to watch old pirate movies. Pirates stereotypically use “Rrrrr” like how Hawaiians use Aloha. It is used as a greeting, a way to express anger, or if pirates are in agreement, like “let’s raid the booty. Rrrrrr!!!!” R’s sometime like to travel via the buddy system, as they can be found holding hands side by side in words like carry and carried. Rs could make their own cute double-mint commercial. I’ve heard that when other languages (like Spanish) encounter these double Rs, the speaker will utter a growling sound to replace the Rs. They call this “rolling the R.” I cannot do this, I’m not from Spain. But R is also a friendly letter, and very helpful in Scrabble if you want to make a word bigger with a prefix or suffix (with the help of an E, as well). R is also helpful in texting or IMing, as it has been accepted as a universally understandable replacement for “ARE” when your fingers get tired of spelling out the entire word.  As in: “R U the 1 who 8 my sammich?” But one perplexing wonder exists in the world of R. Who came up with the “little person” cursive r, and how did they do this? Who were they trying to fool? I mean, it looks like a shark fin or a misshapen “n.” Definitely not an r. – Da Ritzenator


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