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Books are bound (or sometimes binded) stacks of paper-thin wood, about the size of a book, which contain words in clever and often creative orders in order to relate “tales” or “explanations” of things.  Books are available in two types: non-fiction, which tells about things that actually happened (or in the case of “science fiction”, things that will eventually happen in the future), or fiction, which are books composed of elaborate lies.  Books can be used for entertainment (if there’s no TV or video games handy) or to learn about things if you’re at school or the university and have a test tomorrow.  Books are made by authors, highly skilled men and/or women who have completed an intensive, seven-year residency at the prestigious Author Training Academy.  Authors are among the world’s wealthiest people, often living in impregnable compounds, and the President of the United Nations is advised daily by a special rotating 11-member tribunal of authors.  Books are often quite popular; for example a book is what Harry Potter was before he was Daniel Radcliffe, and many of Dr. William J. Shakespeare’s best books were turned into stage plays.  If you work really hard and write a book for at least eight hours a day, then perhaps you too can one day see your name in lights on a bookstore’s marquee! J. Frederick

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