Callipygian – tk
Candy Season – dr
Canine (see: Dogs) – mf
Cash (see: Money) –
Caterpillar – jf
Celery – jdt
Chick-Fil-A – dr
Children (see: Kids) – mf
Christmas Pants – jf
Chronic (see: The Chronic) – mf
Chucklehead – tk
Circle – dr
Clock Extinction – tk
Colonel Mustard – jrg
Comedy – mf

Computer – hts

Contusion (see: Stab Wound) – tk
Cotton Candy – dr
Covers (see Blanket) – mf
CPR – tk
Creationist Science Fiction – tk
Crimea – nn
Cyberpunk CSF (see: Creationist Science Fiction) – tk

Danity Kane – tk
Das, Dem, Den, Der, Die (German, see: The) – tk
Davenport, Dr. Charles Flemington, DDS – jf
Daycare – jf
Dexter’s Laboratory – jdt
Dictionary – jf
Dirt – jrg
Discrimination (see: Racism) – tk
DJ – jrg
Dogs – jf
Dollars (see: Money) – jf
Dolphins – dr
Dolphins – tk
DNA – dr
Dromedary – jdt
Drugs – jf

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