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Hell is a place that bad people made to make good people feel bad about themselves. Kinda like a casino, shotgun weddings or a Brazilian steakhouse. The only difference is that Hell is imaginary. Before science taught us that the earth is made of layers of dirt on top of a magma infused core, people were told that a red horned creature lived in the center of the earth, like at the pastel colored chewy center of a Bonker. This is a made up hoo-doo fantasy told at that story time for adults place called church. Hell has become so massly accepted that almost everyone is familiar with the idea of Hell. Most people see it as a place to not visit on holiday, or ever for that matter. They see it as a place of life imprisonment that features the foods you hate the most on the menu everyday, and the TV shows you dislike on mass rerun rotation every hour. Plus all the people you don’t like are probably there (this theory extrapolated from the popular expression “Go to Hell”). Oh and it’s hot. Da Ritzenator

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