Packrat – dr
Pain – dr
Parasol – (see: Umbrella) – jrg
Pandora – tk
P.C. Patrol (see: Spittoon Baboon) – jrg
Pencil – jrg
Personal Pan Pizza – jf
Pet Magazine – mf
Pipe Smoke Bloke (see: Spittoon Baboon) – jrg
Poledaddy – nn
Porn Shop – dt
Porta-Shelter (see: Umbrella) – jrg
Pot (see: The Chronic) – mf
Ponzi Scheme (see: Pyramid Scheme) – jf
Pounds (British: see: Money) – jf
Projectile Wound (see: Stab Wound) – tk
Puncture Wound (see: Stab Wound) – tk
Pyramid Scheme – jf

Quagmire – tk
Queen Elizabeth II – tk
Queequay – tk

Rr – dr
Racism – tk

Reductio ad Hitlerum – tk
Reefer  (see: The Chronic) – mf
Religion – dr
Repetition – dr
Retaliation – tk
Rumplestiltskin – tk

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