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The enemy is typically male, usually hostile, and roughly 6’4″ in height. Sometimes the enemy is a bird that swoops down and rips that meatball sandwich right out of your hand. Napoleon Bonaparte’s enemy was the Russian Winter, which was also 6’4″ in height. My enemy is this debilitating leg ailment that has confined me to a wheelchair. Yes, there are all kinds of enemies. One popular defense against an enemy is a gun. For example, a police officer may fire his or her gun at a “perp”. Napoleon Bonaparte would shoot his weapon into a snow bluff, and I have been continually firing rounds into my legs for the past half hour. Here’s the problem with enemies: they never die, and you can see them when you close your eyes. Popeye often meets Bluto in his dreams, and they have lunch. A farmer I know can see a Thresher, even now. Yes, there are all kinds of crippling enemy-induced nightmares. One last thing about enemies: I’m one. Jonny R Goode

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