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Humorlessness is an illness wherein one is not only serious but self-serious, to the point where one cannot see beyond one’s alarmingly narrow point of view. The term is often taken literally but it shouldn’t: humorless people tend to laugh at jokes. But only the ones that fall into their meager definition of what’s funny. This tends to lead to embarrassing situations and miscommunications, which are entirely the fault of the person suffering from the illness. A recent famous example is the New Yorker cover from the summer of 2008, which featured a clear and just monstrously transparent parody of every ridiculous, hysterical and even racist accusation lodged against then-presidential nominee Barack Obama, among them that he’s a Muslim, a terrorist and a flag burner. Anyone who knew the New Yorker and had a functioning brain stem knew this was satire. But many humorless people didn’t and were not embarrassed enough to keep their mistake to themselves. One duped commentator seriously suggested that pieces of satire should contain the words “This is a satire,” so humorless people will know the truth and not have to absolutely humiliate themselves in public squares and ruin any and all of the credibility they’ve worked so hard to accrue. Humorless people tend to hang together, where their collected density can be encouraged and then exacerbate beyond toxic levels. If you are diagnosed as humorless, consult your local pharmacist, who will provide you with a cream that should clear that right up. – Matty Fatty

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