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Blankets are large, thick pieces of fabric that keep one warm when it’s cold. They really are very useful. Except when they’re not. Unfortunately they’re only useful for part of the year. But that’s only if you live in a temperate zone. If you live in an incredibly cold place, they’re always useful, although maybe not useful enough. I mean, if it’s really very incredibly cold a blanket on its lonesome just isn’t going to cut it. You’ll need a space heater or maybe a second or even a third blanket. You could even plug one into the closest electrical socket to make it warmer still, but that’s only if it has a plug. A lot don’t. Although, come to think of it, if you live somewhere hot they’re never useful.  In fact, if that’s the case, they’re downright counterproductive. Use a blanket in 90 degree heat and you’ll wish you hadn’t. But even for those for whom blankets are a thing of misery and too much heat, we can all agree that blankets are basically wonderful. They come in pretty colors and some people like to knit them from whole cloth, designing patterns that delight the eye as well as the mind. Michael Jackson’s youngest son is nicknamed Blanket. Kids love blankets. Linus, who is a peanut, continued to lug around his tattered blanket, as well as suck his thumb, long after such activities would cause alarm. Don’t be like him.Matty Fatty

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