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A blank is an open spot.  It could be in a sentence, for instance on a test a common type of question is know as a “fill in the blank.”  Those blanks look like this- __________.  Another common blank is used in conversation as a substitute for fowl language.  As in, “Then the man got out of his car and yelled, ‘Blankiedy blank blank blank’.”  If written it would appear thusly @$%!#*!- or any similar variation there on.  Blanks also appear in spoken slang.  Like sometimes someone could be said to have a blank stare or they could be described as drawing a blank.  In basic terms this means not thinking.  People described as being in this state are easy to spot because they normally look like they are not thinking.  In some ways blank is another word for zero.  At other times blank means way too much. – A. Kitty Bee

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