j (and also i) (see: i (and also j)) – tk
Jackback (see: Sass) – jrg
Jack-Sassery (see: Sass) – jrg
Jacktalk (see: Sass) – jrg
Jazzflash (see: Sass) – jrg
Jiveback (see: Sass) – jrg
Jose Y Una Ropa De Diversos Colors (see: Creationist Science Fiction) – tk
Judge, Jury, and Crucifixioner (see: Creationist Science Fiction) – tk
Jump – dr
Jury Duty – jf
Justice – jf

Keyboard – tk
Kids – mf
Kite – mf
Knives – jf
Kuato – mf
Kula Shaker – mf

L, La, Le, Les (French, see: The) – tk
Laodicean – mf
Lift (British, see: Elevator) – jrg
Like – lrrh
Light – dr
Light of a Bright New Star (see: Creationist Science Fiction) – tk
Lincoln, Abraham – hts
Ling, Hu (see: Heisenberg, Dr. Werner) – hts
Lion – jrg
Lip (see: Sass) – jrg
Lord Legislation (see: Spittoon Baboon) – jrg
Love – dr

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