Sand (see: Dirt) – jrg
Sass – jrg

Sassback (see: Sass) – jrg

Scandinavia – jf
Scared (see: Fear) – jrg

Science – tk
Sexual Fantasies – jf
Shoes – jrg
Skin – jf
Slashing Wound (see: Stab Wound) – tk
Slicing Wound (see: Stab Wound) – tk
Slippers (see: Shoes) – jrg
Slitting Wound (see: Stab Wound) – tk
Space (see: Outer Space) – jf
Spectacles (see: Glasses) – mf
Spittoon Baboon – jrg
Split the Kipper – jt
Snow – akb
Soccer – jf
Sorry – mf
Speaker – dr
Stab Wound – tk
Stake Wound (see: Stab Wound) – tk
Star Crusade: Wrath of Prawn (see: Creationist Science Fiction) – tk
Star Trek – dt
Star Trek: Into Darkness – dt
St. Patrick’s Day – dr
St. Shirley (see: Christmas Pants) – jf
Stuff (see: Things) – hts
Superhuman CFS (see: Creationist Science Fiction) – tk

Taint Conditioner – tk
Talkie (see: Film)  – mf

(the) Tasting of Cana (see: Creationist Science Fiction) – tk
Taxes – dr
Tea Cup (see: Mug) – akb
Tennis Balls – tk
The – tk

The Blues – jf
The Chronic – mf

Things – hts
Thunder Box (see: Computer) – hts

Time Travel CSF (see: Creationist Science Fiction) – tk
Tomboy – mf
Tort Law (see: Tort Reform) – tk
Tort Reform – tk
Towel – tk
Trundle – dr
Tsar of Cigars (see: Spittoon Baboon) – jrg

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