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A circle is round. It is a continuous line that eventually meets back upon itself. But it must make a roundy-looking object. Like a pizza. Most pizzas are circles, except the perplexing Ellios pizza, which comes as prepackaged squares. Actually, everywhere you look, you can probably find circles. They are nature’s constant. One can use the term to sound snobby and exclusive. Like being in an inner circle of a society; or belonging to a circle of friends to which I’m not welcome. Jerks. In both cases, the circle implies that they are a group of people who stand around, holding hands and laugh at everyone else not holding hands with them. Because when they all hold hands, they form a circle. A stupid circle for stupids. The circle goes back as far as anyone can remember. Before there was the wheel, there had to be the circle, which is a perfect 2-d representation of a wheel. People make circles with one fingers aside of their head to denote that someone has the crazies (usually pointing at said crazy with the other hand). The hula-hoop is just a big circle of plastic. But although the colors might make them look tasty, they are not. Don’t eat them. You might be thinking about donuts…they are edible and are very tasty circles. Eat donuts instead.Da Ritzenator

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