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“Like” is a filler word in much the same way as the.  However, where the is in written language, “like” appears only in verbal communication.  This word infiltrated our language in 1987 during  a two-part episode of Family Ties (Season 5, episodes 29-30), a sitcom formerly noted for its responsible use of the English Language.     Before 1987, people didn’t “like go to the mall,” they weren’t “like ok,” they didn’t “like ice cream.”   Like has almost completely supplanted several English words such as “um”, “uh”, “said”, and “enjoy.”   Interestingly, younger generations are unable to hear the word “like,” and therefore do not notice when they or their peers speak it.  – L.R.R. Wood


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Beer is a beverage most often made from fermented horse urine.   In the cases of less processed beer, like Pabst Blue Ribbon, Schlitz, Miller, and any beer made by Anheuser Busch, the liquid comes straight from the horse.  Notably, Anheuser Busch’s distinct flavor comes from their use of Clydesdales, rather than regular horses.   Other more expensive beers, such as Heineken, Corona, and Yuengling, have passed through a horse and a Brita before the fermentation process begins.


The color of beer varies depending on the horse’s diet.  Darker beers come from a diet loaded with malt and barley, lighter beers from primarily corn and hops.  Although these grains affect the color of the beer, they make no great difference in the flavor.


There are a few vegetarian micro-breweries who make their beers with hops, barley, and malt without first passing them through a horse.

These, however, are in the minority. – L.R.R. Wood

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