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repetitionThe definition of repetition is repeating words in a repetitive fashion.┬áThe┬ábest way to remember the definition of repetition is to repeat the definition of repetition until you can remember how to repeat all the repetitive words in the actual definition of the word repetition. People tend to remember how to repeat repetitions before they even remember what the definition of repetition is. It’s just remembering to repeat the repetitious words in the definition of repetition repetitiously until you can remember the definition by heart. Remembering to repeat the defined daily medications for your heart, by heart, day after day, is an every day use of repetition. If you have defined heart repetition problems, remember to share repetitive heart to heart words with your doctor about how well defined your heart’s activity is. Knowing about the active medicines that your doctor defines for you to actively make your heart repeat its repetitive activities will help you remember the defined medications you need to actively and repetitiously take. Thus, not remembering the repetitive words that define the word repetition might make you not remember to actively take doctor defined medication for your active heart repetitively, and you’ll die. But at least you only die once. – Da Ritzenator

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