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When you think igloo, think cold. Igloos were invented by Eskimos. They are made out of a special kind of ice that you find in Alaska that doesn’t melt if you have a fireplace inside. To make an igloo, an Eskimo would use his saw the cut up blocks of ice and then he would stack them into a dome shape with a little tunnel door on one side to go in and come out of. At the top is a hole for the smoke to come out of. They wear the same coats inside as they do outside, so igloos must not be very warm houses. Sometimes Eskimos invite penguins into their igloos to keep them safe from polar bears and killer whales. Penguins like fish. Normally, when you see an igloo, you will also see an Eskimo in his big furry parka fishing next to it through a hole in the ice. This is how he gets the fish for his penguins. My uncle Ralph says that the ice in Alaska is melting so soon there will only be rocks and water in Alaska and all of the animals will die because it will be too warm for them. My teacher says that there are no penguins in Alaska, so maybe my uncle is right. I feel sorry for the poor penguins. I guess not enough Eskimos invited them into their igloos. Igloos are also big plastic boxes full of ice and drinks. Sometimes if I’m trying to find a drink in an igloo at a picnic, my hand gets very, very cold and it feels like if I touch myself that it is someone else touching me. Eventually, if I take my hand out of the igloo, it begins to tingle and then I can feel again. Eskimos must not be very smart, because why would they live in igloos? If igloos that aren’t even made out of ice make it very cold at a summer picnic in my back yard, up in Alaska it must be really freezing inside of an igloo! I mean they’re even called coolers! Silly Eskimos. – Juan D. Tenti

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