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Many things are green, such as green crayons, green markers, and green food coloring. Green is good, unless it is bad. Dirt turning green because of grass is good, because it is more fun to roll on. If the water in your fish tank turns green, it is bad, because you can’t see your fish. Actually, it’s not that big a deal. All they want to do anymore is float at the top. Green is bad when it grows in between the bricks of your patio and your dad makes you pull it out. Green is made by mixing together blue and yellow. A common way to make green is to pee into a toilet, but this only works if your mom buys 2,000 Flushes. Make sure you don’t drink too much water first, or you will just get light blue. Salad is another thing that is green, because of vegetables, which are yucky. The only good thing to eat that is green is mint chocolate chip ice cream, but sometimes that is white. If you are outside, green water is bad for drinking and smelling, but good for catching frogs, which are sometimes green, but usually brown. A big talking one of those once said that being green wasn’t easy, but I don’t know if he was right.  Last time my mom told me I looked green I got to stay at home and watch DuckTales all day. It was much easier than school. DuckTales is usually pretty easy to understand. Money used to be green, but now it has colors. My Uncle Pat won’t use five dollar bills. He says they are gay, because they have big purple fives on them. My Uncle Ralph says that Abraham Lincoln was gay, so I guess my Uncle Pat is right, because they usually don’t agree on anything. Except for money, my Uncle Pat isn’t fond of green. He says the only green movement he supports comes after eating too much guacamole. Just like the gay thing, I don’t know what that means, but I laugh, because he laughs. The best thing about green is that it makes cars go, unlike stupid red. – Juan D. Tenti

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