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gloomAs in “gloom and doom” or “gloomy” or gloomvesent.”  Gloom is a word sometimes used to describe things that are gloomy- like a feeling or the weather or an old creaky house on the corner of your block that you and your friends throw stones at, but then later you find out a defenseless old woman lived there and you feel really bad and have guilt ridden dreams for the rest of your adult life. Gloom could also describe a person’s out look on life.  If someone is always walking around thinking its going to rain or that the government never does anything right, or that the grocery store is always out of their favorite ice cream flavor- that would be someone who is gloomy.  If it’s gloomy outside then it looks like its going to rain all day long, but it never does.  Its just cloudy and gray and, well, gloomy.  Gloomvesecnt is the opposite of effervescent but it basically has the same effect on things. – A. Kitty Bee

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