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Camels with one hump are referred to as dromedaries or lame wannabe camels. Everyone knows that real camels have two humps. Dromedaries are to Bactrians what riding my little sister’s pink bike with the training wheels and the basket with the flower on it is to Speed Racer driving the Mach V. Sure dromedaries are faster, but they are missing a very important hump. Everyone knows that you sit in the middle of the two humps and they work like pistons to power the camel through the desert. Just imagine how bouncy that one hump ride would be. You’d really hurt your tooshie. I didn’t even know they made camels with one hump until I looked them up in the internet. Basically, these dromedaries are like my grandma. They have droopy jowls, saggy necks, glassy eyes, thin wispy hair on their heads, and one big ol’ humped back.–Juan D. Tenti

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