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brainLet’s you and I talk about THE HUMAN MIND.  What a marvel it is, so capable of wonders and mysteries!  With that noggin of yours you can write a play, do complex calculus, or cook an egg.  Simply by using your ol’ bean you can dance a jaunty jig, design a monorail, scramble an egg, or paint Easter eggs.  What a treasure it is, what a gift – just think what our brains have helped us accomplish!  Just by using our noodles, humans have put a man on the moon, invented democracy, and domesticated the chicken.  Using only your wits you can compose a sonata like Bach, be a leader of men like Lincoln, or fry up an egg and put it on a bagel.  Yes, that trusty old pile of meat, blood, and nerve endings has helped us through one scrape after another, and who knows where it will take us next.  Will we solve the energy crisis, bring about global peace, cook up some steak and eggs?  Only time will tell.  Now, how about you use that big brain of yours to make me an omelet? – J Frederick

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