March 9, 2010 at 9:22 am | Posted in Da Ritzenator | 1 Comment

Boobs are…heh-heh…the most awesome thing ever…*snicker*. I’ve never actually seen them, like, live, but I’ve seen them in movies after my parents go to bed. They come in all sizes and shapes…and colors too! I’m not entirely sure what makes them so awesome, but they’re just awesome. Especially the bigger ones! I don’t know what they are for except for awesomeness. I heard someone say once that milk is made in them, but that’s just gross and makes me not wanna eat cereal. I’ve seen milk come from cows’…um…underhanging things, and those things aren’t nearly as awesome as what’s on Prism. The funny thing is, I kinda have boobs, too. But I don’t wanna look at my boobs like I do grown-up boobs. It must be weird to have boobs like the ones I’ve seen on TV where you can’t see your feet. I’d think that it would be hard to tie your shoes if you have those boobs. – Da Ritzenator


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