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Celery Celery is very confusing. My parents were having a party and they had a big tray with tiny tomatoes and baby carrots and broccoli and cauliflower and something called celery sticks and in the middle was some dip. I used a celery stick to put some dip on my plate and then I took some of the food and put it on my plate and dipped it in the dip and ate it and it was good.  I even licked the dip off of the celery stick. Then I wanted some more and I knew my mom would be mad if I used the same celery stick to get the dip that I just licked so I took another celery stick and got some dip and some more vegetables and ate them all with a lot of dip and licked the celery stick clean. There wasn’t so much food at the party that was good so I did this a few time and had a bunch of celery sticks on my plate. May mom asked me why I took so many celery sticks and didn’t eat them.  “People don’t eat sticks, mom,” I told her. She said that celery sticks were okay to eat. I eyed them dubiously. I said, “But how come the last time I was chewing on some sticks you told me that little boys don’t eat sticks?” She said that was different because they were chopsticks and celery was a plant. I asked her what chop sticks were made out of and she told me bamboo.  I eyed her dubiously.  I said, “But, mom, didn’t you tell me before when we had Asian food that I should try some bamboo because it was okay to eat because it was a plant and it wasn’t just for making furniture?” She said, “You like the carrots. Did you know they also have carrot sticks? Lots of foods come in stick form, like pretzel sticks. Just try it.” I tried the celery and it was tough and tasteless and had fibers in it like wood. “It’s just like eating a chopstick,” I told her. My mother eyed me dubiously and told me to go play. So I learned a few things like baby carrots grow up to be sticks and pretzels are made of wood, but not so much about celery. All I know about celery is that it is a stick that is okay to eat and maybe you can make furniture out of it and no one I asked has ever seen a baby celery.  Juan D Tenti

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