Sexual Fantasies

December 13, 2013 at 11:25 am | Posted in J. Frederick | Leave a comment

sexual fantasiesThere I was, just your average shopper, wandering into the shoe store to look for new laces. Buying shoelaces is something we all do every day, but I’ll bet you never bought shoelaces like this. No, this shoe store was the kind of shoe store where the shoe store person isn’t a man but a woman – and what a woman! She was, well, you just really had to see it. All of her good-looking female attributes were there, and that’s when I knew that this was an attractive female human being with whom I’d quite enjoy having intercourse with. Intimate physical intercourse, that is. I looked her up and down – twice! Yes, my hunch was correct – she made me feel arousing feelings and no mistake! “Can I help you?” she asked, and her voice drove me literally crazy for intercourse of an intimate nature. “Yes,” I replied, and I could tell that this was going to be good. “I would like to buy your finest shoelaces, madam.” That’s when she came around from behind the shoe store desk and went to close the door and lock it so no one would see us. “Enough small talk,” she said – she was one tough cookie of an attractive woman! She started to unbutton her trenchcoat. I got the picture – I asked her, wordlessly, if I should remove my pants and shirt and she nodded yes. I had to take off my shoes first, which didn’t take long, because I had no laces. Then she took her trenchcoat off! And there it was! “Look at that naked woman!” I thought to myself, “now that’s more like it!” This was truly going to be a day to remember. We didn’t want to waste any time – that’s just how excited by physical arousal we were. You’ve never seen such intimate intercourse! So many of her attributes were there, and I got to touch them! And I’m not the only one who was aroused by it – I could tell that she was really going at it. We truly committed that deed so often spoke of – only this time it was us doing it! When it was done, she asked how I had gotten so good at it. “Practice,” I replied, “and arousal.” We promised to meet again soon for more of the same – and she gave me the laces for free! “I was right the first time,” I said to myself with a smile, “it was truly a day to remember.”

-J. Frederick

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