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menYou’re a man, and there’s a CODE.  First of all, you NEVER leave your wingman hanging.  In your man cave, you put up your feet and watch the game and you NEVER give up the remote control!  You’re a man, a MAN, so grab a beer and a band saw on your backyard deck with a grill and you NEVER leave your wingman behind!  You’re at the casino with your buddies at the football game, and cheerleaders!  There’s a CODE, my friend, because a power drill in your man cave with your pickup truck and 43 MPGS of towing-class ribeye steak at the strip club with your wingman, and you NEVER let your buddies ride your riding mower, tuxedo, without a wingman, and aftershave!  Kate Upton and a band saw during the seventh inning stretch because this is America and there’s a MAN CODE, so put on your cologne in your cigar wallet power drill (NEVER without a wingman), SUV with a HEMI man cave.  Guy Rule #82: There’s a code.  You’re a MAN in your boxers and watch NEVER chick flicks because you’re on speedboat in your best suit, big sandwich, shaving during wingman football game with a flank steak, so pour yourself some scotch, Memorial Day on the golf course action flicks EXPLOSIONS (Guy Rule: MIXED MARTIAL ARTS) on back of the pickup truck/UFC in your cheerleaders Danica Patrick CODE WINGMAN VEGAS!  VEGAS!!!  The football game BEST SUIT NEVER WINGMAN MANCAVE MAN CAVVE PWRR DRLLLLL CODE MAN GUY CODE RULE #82 BAND SAWWW SRTIPPERS STRRRIPPERSSS STEAK GRILLLLSS GRILSL AFERHSAVE DRILL MANSCAVQAE MAN YOU’RES A MAN YOU’RE A AM,N CHEERRLEADERSS POPOOW POUYICLUP SYTUR[ DJU=SPSADFO;QQ30F3;LQ3MF23F3L3F3M3F3;.SD/FASEPVZXCV FVGKLCVRVR5T954G;GBWEAF



-J. Frederick

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