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caterpillarPity the poor caterpillar, nature’s proudest but most tragic creature; for the caterpillar, while undeniably majestic and awe-inspiring, is, like the doomed hero of a Shakespearean tragedy, destined for a most cursed and unthinkable fate.  All too soon, the caterpillar must bid farewell to his true form – only having tasted but an all-too-brief and tantalizingly sweet glimmer of its own potential – bind itself in a repulsive cocoon, and then, much like the “Jekyll and Hyde” of yore, transform grotesquely into its vile alter ego, nature’s most despicable monster, the butterfly – he of shamefully garish coloring and flamboyant flapping of wings!  How cruel a matron Mother Nature is, to ask the caterpillar to shed his delightful and versatile form for this decadent and repugnant replacement – indeed, scarcely a replacement at all!  No longer will he spend his days in the noble pursuits of his kind – chewing leaves, crawling, teaching illiterate adults how to read, volunteering for irrigation projects in drought-stricken sub-Saharan Africa – but rather must turn to the foul deeds of the butterfly – loitering, heavy drinking and heroin use, sabotaging jet engines.  Why do they not refuse?  Why do they not stand up and declare, NO!  I urge you, all caterpillars everywhere, wherever you might be reading this, when the time comes for you to spin that cocoon, just remember that your life is your own!  Take control of your destiny, hold it preciously in your imperceptibly tiny caterpillar hands I beg you!  You have the right to cling to your life, to live it as you wish, to pursue your dreams and goals – your leaf-eating, your music, your nursing degree!  Shun the shameful future that society demands of you and embrace the beautiful you that you are! – J. Frederick


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