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wherewithalThere are those that have the wherewithal to say to me, “I don’t think wherewithal means what you think it means.”  But if they had the wherewithal that I have, they would have the wherewithal to know that using my wherewithal I have been able to determine the exact wherewithal possessed by every citizen of the United States.  Using the system I have devised – the Wherewithal Approximation and Determination Matrix, or W.H.E.R.E.W.I.T.H.A.L. – I have discovered some unsettling statistics regarding the sorry state of our nation’s wherewithal.  Some 35% of Americans lack even the most basic wherewithal, and nearly 20% don’t have any wherewithal at all!  We must find the wherewithal to combat this scourge.  Our Founding Fathers had the wherewithal to envision a society where we all had the wherewithal, where wherewithal would be denied to none – indeed, where wherewithal would be with all.  Education, charity, activism, grassroots wherewithal – this is the wherewithal we need to achieve what must be done.  To find out how you can get involved, follow @wherewithal or write to:

The Wherewithal Project
29 Wherewithal Mews
Wherewithal, WL

– J. Frederick

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