Dexter’s Laboratory

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I LOVE Dexter’s Laboratory. Whenever my family goes on a trip, they give me the computer and I just watch episodes of Dexter’s Laboratory the whole time. Sometimes they will even leave me in the car in the driveway until an episode is over because they know I love Dexter’s Laboratory SOOOOO MUCH!!! I love the shorts, I love the earlier episodes, I love the later episodes, and I love the movie. When I read a phone number, I never say six, I always say monkey, because you are dialing M. I call my best friends my Justice Friends. In my room at my house I have a desk and when you walk into the room you can’t see it because it is hidden behind a book case and on my desk I have all kinds of science stuff like a microscope and a magnifying glass and test tubes and remote controls and pencils. My door has almost the same stickers as Dexter’s does. Recently my stupid iPad broke and I was looking on my dad’s computer to see if he had any Dexter’s Laboratory and I found some new Dexter episodes that I had never seen before that have real people in them instead of cartoons.

Dexter is older and taller and his voice changed and he got contact lenses. His sister, Dee Dee, is all grown up now too and goes by Debra and has brown hair. Sometimes Dexter still wears a lab coat, but usually he has normal clothes or he wears a tight dark brown shirt with buttons at the top and lighter brown pants and he now prefers black gloves instead of purple ones. It is interesting that we finally learn that Dexter’s last name is Morgan, but his experiments are not as funny as in the cartoon version of the show. For instance, rather than building machines or doing experiments on Monkey, he usually just wraps people up in plastic, cuts them with a knife, puts some blood on a slide, stabs the person, chops them up, goes for a boat ride, and throws their body parts in the harbor. I know a lot of Dexter’s experiments and projects did not work right when he was a kid, but now maybe sure he’s almost 100% successful, but he doesn’t really try something new, so I guess that’s to be expected and isn’t very interesting. There’s also a lot more now about Dee Deb. She grew up to be a cop and is always investigating things and usually Dexter helps and she never tries to stop his experiments or even seems to know about them so they are getting along better, but even though she’s not as annoying as she used to be, now she’s just boring and I wish she would put her hair in pig tails again and unplug Dexter’s experiments, maybe unwrap the plastic on one that’s still alive, and make some funny trouble. Also, it appears that Mandark is actually Dexter’s lost brother. His real name is Brian Moser and he did finally get Dee Dee/Deb to like him by pretending to be a guy named Rudy Cooper.  Now Mandark drives an ice truck and still does similar experiments like Dexter which means now they’re boring too. I guess he just kept stealing Dexter’s plans all these years and followed the same stupid path or at least he did until Dexter finally ended the rivalry by killing him. I’ll keep watching and not just because it has naked girls now, but because maybe it will get better. The first episode of the next season is called “It’s Alive” so maybe Dexter makes some sort of cool Frankenstein monkey. –Juan D. Tenti

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