X-Ray Fish

August 14, 2012 at 11:12 am | Posted in Juan D. Tenti | Leave a comment

When I was a little boy, I read a book once that talked about a really neat fish called an x-ray fish.  It was on page twenty-four, just two pages before the end of the story. Ever since reading that book, I’ve wanted to own my very own x-ray fish. When I was old enough, my Aunt Jane took me to the pet fish store (not the food fish store) to get one. They weren’t as big as I expected and I told her I wanted to go to a store that had big ones, but she said she would buy me a glass that would make them big any time I wanted to look at them or anything else, so it was okay. The girl at the store, Dian, had a crush on me. She told my aunt I should have at least six x-ray fishes instead of just one and I smiled at her, because she was nice to get me the extra fishes, but I don’t want a girlfriend. I named the fishes Superfish, Fishy, Xfish, Seethrufish, Boneshow, and Dian (Not because I think her hair smells nice. Fish don’t have hair!) As an owner of so many x-ray fish, I have become very popular at my school. People also like my hand glass. We use it to make people’s eyes real big. My teacher one day asked me why I like x-ray fishes so much. I said it was because I could almost see through them. She asked me if I also liked glassfishes. I asked her what a glassfish was. She showed me a picture. Ever since my teacher first showed me a picture of a glassfish, I’ve wanted one for my very own. – Juan D. Tenti

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