Personal Pan Pizza

July 27, 2012 at 3:04 pm | Posted in J. Frederick | Leave a comment

I WANT MY PERSONAL PAN PIZZA!  Is what I say every day, sometimes twice (lunch and dinner).  The Personal Pan Pizza (or Three P) is my favorite food and I want one.  You heard of Threepio, the robot character?  Well this is Three P, the Personal Pan Pizza.  Like the Three Ps, there are three “Parts” or Ps to the Personal Pan Pizza: First of all there’s “Personal”, meaning I don’t got to share it with anyone, I can eat my Personal Pan Pizza all by myself and not have to share it with ANYBODY.  Two, there’s a “Pan”, just like the old saying: “It’s not right to deprive a Man of the Pizza that comes in a Pan.”  You can eat your Personal Pan Pizza right out of the Pan!  The third one is “Pizza” which you can eat right out of the Pan!  Feed me a Personal Pan Pizza!  They sell them at the Pizza Store and I want one.  I’m not sharing.  I want one for lunch and one for dinner!  First of all, they come in a Pan and you don’t have to share the Pizza.  Finally, they’re Personal.  Just follow the Three Ps and get a Personal Pan Pizza today!  – J. Frederick


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