(the) Beatles

June 15, 2009 at 8:36 am | Posted in Matty Fatty | 2 Comments

The Beatles were a band. They weren’t just a band. They were a symbol of a decade of tumultuous change and social revolution – that period known to you and your kin as the ‘60s. You see, this was no ordinary decade, like the 1830s or the 1410s. Everything was different in the ‘60s. Before four lovable mop-tops crossed the ocean, the U.S.A. was all picket fences, Jackie O, Elvis, finned Cadillacs and anti-miscegenation laws. No color TV. Only two channels. No video game units. No radio. No personal computers. The information superhighway was somewhere you drove your car, which hadn’t yet been invented. No music. No dancing. No nudity, ever. Money didn’t matter. Wild bears roaming the streets. Only white people. No the Czech Republic. Sneakers didn’t exist. “Nike” was just “nice” spelled wrong.

That all changed when four lovable mop-tops crossed the ocean. In Jolly Olde, the Beatles had triggered an explosion. Suddenly the streets were filled with mini skirts, the Mini, “swinging” London and the Beatles. For America the ‘50s didn’t end till February 1964. That’s when four lovable mop-tops crossed the ocean and triggered an explosion. Now this was really the first shot fired. Overnight, the ‘60s became what they were: a time of tumultuous change, social revolution and a time for every season. Suddenly people told “Leave it to Beaver” to “Leave.” “Drop in, tune out, tune in,” became their agreed-upon anti-conformist refrain. People of the ‘60s took up peaceful arms against Vietnam, protesting an unjust and “bad” war with beads, hair, full-frontal nudity and let the sunshine in. Now the kids today have their Wiis, their motorcycles, their Clive Owens. Back then, in the ‘60s, kids just had peace sign necklaces and brown acids and black panthers. You see, things were different in the ‘60s. But that, as they say, is for another Naïve Guide entry. Some of the Beatles’ most popular songs include “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” “Hey Jude,” “Cry Baby Cry” and “It Loves You.” All of them are now dead. – Matty Fatty


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  1. Ah, those lovable mop tops…

  2. Actually, the phrase was “tune in, turn on, drop out” and was an open invitation to turn away from ordinary life give oneself over to the LSD culture. A lot of my friends tried it; many of them made it back alive.

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