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Like all Naïve’s Guide staffers, I studied Encyclopedic Blogging under the tutelage of the legendary Professor Carmichael Fitzgibbons, inventor of the blog and Distinguished Blog Chair at Lionel University in Muncie, Indiana.  Oh, what a dashing figure the old Professor cut in his be-elbow-patched tweed and delightful pince-nez!  It was the “Prof” who encouraged me with such inspiring words as “Don’t think – have thought already!” and “Ignore the comments section, all of those people are maniacs.”  He used to rap my knuckles soundly with a ruler when I didn’t tag my posts properly, but it was always out of love – the “Perf” could not abide failure, not from his best student (or me, for that matter).

I bring this up because I have been charged this day with telling you about wolves, and I could use help from “Proffy” now more than ever.  Who among us can really say what a wolf is?  Even the simplest child can spot a wolf in a lineup, but would be hard-pressed to describe them in words, or even primitive hand gestures.  All of us have experienced it at one time or another: the shadowy sense of a wolf being just over your shoulder – or perhaps the other shoulder?  A gray shape slides past in the dark; a howl is heard over the hills.  Merely an animal, you say, a dog-like beast with fur and fangs?  Hardly.  A wolf is the dead of the night and the coldness of a shadow – your spirit guide through the heart of darkness.  A classroom door creaking open, a blur, confusion, blood-curdling screams that you still hear in your sleep.  How can I write about such things when I barely understand them myself?  How I wish “Proffo” was here now to guide me!

Sadly, wolves were Professor Fitzgibbons’ only fear, which is what made what happened so tragically ironic.  Perhaps he would have been proud of my effort here today, at the very least.  This one’s for you, Prof! – J. Frederick

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  1. в конце концов: восхитительно.

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