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Justice is the quality of being morally and legally righteous; to do what is right. Something conforming to justice is referred to as just or fair; conversely, something not conforming to justice is unjust or unfair. For example, it’s unfair that the Naïve’s Guide editors recently imposed strict rules forbidding authors from using their entries to sell a product, stating that this is contrary to the Guide’s mission. But isn’t it just as unfair to watch your food rot away in the refrigerator faster than you can consume it? Can we truly claim to live in a moral and just society if we’re still using leaky, ineffective storage bags? What if I told you that you, not to mention all citizens of a truly just society, could save their families hundreds of dollars a year in grocery costs, all for just $29.95? Don’t answer yet, first ask yourself this: Is it just for a man to steal a loaf of bread to feed his starving family? Furthermore, what if that man had been able (using patented miracle technology used on the first space shuttle and favored by the crowned heads of Europe) to vacuum seal his family’s groceries by using the original QuikSeeler? Is that not justice? Is it right to punish a man who only wants to do what is morally just, not mention maximize the family food budget? And just think, if that man acts now, he could not only get himself a brand new QuikSeeler and a sense of moral rectitude, but a second QuikSeeler and a bonus Harebeegone (to remove unsightly and unsanitary pet hair from your furniture) – available now wherever fine products are sold, or justice is dispensed! – J. Frederick

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