Outer Space

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Outer space is defined as the region of the universe outside of Earth’s atmosphere (approximately 118 km above sea level).  It is also the battleground of the bitter, centuries-long conflict between the peace-loving Prills and the evil Barglogs, something that you would know had my novel Dawn of the Barglog King, the first of the planned eight volume series Space Generals, had not been routinely and rather emphatically rejected by no fewer than 75 different agents and publishers.  Curiously, the American publishing industry fails to see the appeal of bringing this thrilling epic to the masses.  In outer space, many other planets can be found besides Earth, such as Mars, Saturn, and the Prills’ tranquil green homeworld Prillain, featured in Book 3, Defenders of Prillain (which, contrary to the short-sighted opinions of certain writers’ workshops, is most certainly not a clichéd pastiche of Star Wars and Babylon 5).  Human exploration of space has thus far been limited to the primitive launching of satellites and probes, the viewing of distant galaxies through telescopes, and manned missions to the moon; Earthlings have yet to travel to other worlds (a technology perfected by the wise Prill Ancients millennia ago), or yet discovered the Mighty Blade of Hrlznigz, the secret weapon that just may hold the key to defeating the Barglogs (Book 4, Dreamsword of the Galactic Sun)!  (Is there a Dreamsword in Babylon 5, Janice Sullivan?  Not last I checked!)  Space is believed to be infinite, consisting of innumerable other galaxies and solar systems at distances from our world far beyond what our limited human minds can comfortably comprehend.  Perhaps through diligent study of outer space, we can someday finally understand the origins of the universe, make contact with intelligent life on other planets, or face the mysterious Vyrgyx from the sHz’ghřl galaxy – are they friend or foe, allied with the Prills or Barglogs?  Only in Book 6, Shadows of the Mind Star, will you find the answer.  If you’d like to learn more about the fascinating world of outer space, receive a copy of the full manuscript for further review, or help me take down the cruel worlds of publishing and writers’ workshops once and for all, please feel free contact me at your earliest convenience.  Thank you for your time – or as the Barglogs say, “ZZZHHHSZZZ’SCRAWWWW [unintelligible bellow]!”- J. Frederick (ed note: this is post 100!)

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