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hateHate is an excellent word to use lightly as a sort of frivolous, meaningless verb for times when you don’t have an opportunity to give a particular thing or problem any thought.  For example, imagine you find yourself at dinner with your boss and his wife, both of whom are from Australia, and you really need to make a good impression to get that big raise.  Suddenly, the conversation turns to Australia, only you left your handy map of Australia and your Fodor’s Australian almanacky (the Australian word for almanac) in the car; just say, “I hate Australians!” and you’ll be sure to stay classy and get that promotion.  Hate is a pretty meaningless word anyway, which is what makes it such a great catch-all term.  When you find yourself someone’s houseguest, a simple “I hate this house” or “I hate this meal you spent hours preparing” is a great way to ward off those uncomfortable awkward silences that are the bane of any social gathering.  Using the word to comment on the hosts’ children, like “I hate the way they’ve been raised,” or “Did your little Johnny draw that picture?  I hate it.” is often an excellent way to show off your tact and breeding, without requiring a whole lot of study or preparation on your part. 
“Hate” can also be used as a noun; it is found in this usage in the popular idiom “Hate is enough!”  The precise origin of the slogan is unknown, but it is former Vice President Cheney’s personal motto.  So, go forth, be fruitful, multiply, and remember that I hate you! – Herman the Soothsayer

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