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A mug is a round (usually), concave object for holding hot beverages.  They can also hold alcoholic beverages at parties when all of the other glasses have run out.  They usually come to you in the form of gifts or souvenirs.  Or the beloved souvenir-gift, like when your roommate goes away to Fiji and brings you back a mug that says “FIJI!” on it.  And then your roommate is always using it.  Sometimes they say things:  such as, “Happy 50th Birthday Uncle Harry!” or “Hey look who got Bar Mitzvah’d, or Married, or Died.”  Although honestly a Funeral Mug is very rare and if you have one you should hold on to it and then ebay it at the proper time… what ever that is.  Mugs often have a handle like a tea cup.  Some mugs don’t have handles, like some tea cups.  A tea cup is in essence a kind of mug, only smaller and daintier and used exclusive for tea.  The wonderful thing about a mug is you can really put anything in it.  The name “mug”, unlike “tea cup” does not restrict your chosen use of the object.  Another meaning for mug is a face.  Mug usually describes the face of an unsavory character. – A. Kitty Bee

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