A. Kitty Bee: Author Bio

February 24, 2009 at 10:02 am | Posted in Da Ritzenator | Leave a comment

akbA. Kitty Bee likes writing, and writing likes her. In fact, writing is her biggest fan. She cannot walk down a street without having written words jump at her and into her mind. They’re that rabidly obsessed (kinda like teenage fans of the Beatles, [whoever they were]). She went to public school somewhere in the US, in one of the original 13 colonies, which are now known as the original 13 states. Later she followed through like all good little boys and girls should do (stay in school!), at a finishing school (Temple University) only called so because she finish it. Currently she works undercover for whoever will hire a wordsmith with specialty stealth skills in bicycle riding and young child care. She has selected a small handful of the more favorable written words that stalk her, and is currently attempting to organize them in such a way that she can make some big bucks in movieland (along with Matty Fatty’s help). But when the paparazzi trail of words becomes unbearable, A. Kitty Bee has the X-Men like ability to transform herself into a cat AND/OR a buzzing bee (at the same time, or individually) to claw, climb, or fly away to saftey. However, if she does the combo-change, she doesn’t have control over which animals’ parts materialize. Just imagine the infinite amazing or tragic pairings that could result in combining a cat and a bee. She’s seen them all. Da Ritzenator

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