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Snow is white rain.  It falls, much like rain, from the sky.  Unlike rain it has the habit of accumulating in piles on the ground.  Snow has been know thorough the ages as a favorite of children because snow piles of a certain size result in things being delayed.  These things can be school and homework and detention- basically school related activities of an undesirable nature.  Snow unfortunately doesn’t just happen.  The feeling of the air outside must be very cold and the ground too.  In places where the air feels warm all the time there isn’t much snow at all or never.  Snow piles are great for frolicking, sledding, and getting your clothes really wet while not caring at all.  Snow can also be rolled into balls and thrown at people you like- perhaps one of the only times thorough out the ages when it’s socially expected to throw things at your friends. Then you can drink hot chocolate- which everyone loves. –  A. Kitty Bee

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