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Comedy is a form of expression whose purpose is to distract humans from the endless misery, constant disappointments and nonstop frustrations of living with the curse that is consciousness. The goal is to make the other person, or people, and maybe even yourself, laugh, chuckle, chortle, cackle, roar, hoot, toot, woot, guffaw, titter, twitter, floople, cachinnate or simply smile politely. If you’ve made them die from laughter, you’ve gone too far. Comedy can also be used to evade danger, as with making a murderer laugh then running away from them. Conversely, a murderer can make a murderee laugh, then kill them. That’s how Pol Pot, a stand-up comic turned genocidal maniac, rolled. Comedy comes in many forms: jokes, randy anecdotes, everyday things looked at from amusing and fresh angles (like pretzels, bears, and so forth), non-sequiturs, inspired nonsense, pervasive swearing and extreme violence. Some people make an occupation out of comedy and have to bear the heavy burden of being funny all the time. Some find this burden too much to bear. Groucho Marx used to burst into inconsolable laughter every time he flung a quip. Mike Myers strangled countless small animals to keep sane while working on the literally laugh-a-second “The Love Guru.” Other famous funnyhumans include Tom Sizemore, Catherine Deneuve, Merle Haggard, Hannah Arendt, David Spade, Joseph Mengele and I.M. Pei. Laughter, they (i.e., Patch Adams) say(s), can cure anything. My good friend once lost a leg. Another, lesser friend told him a joke that made him laugh. The leg grew back. As he was walking across the street with his reformed leg, he was hit by a bus. – Matty Fatty

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  1. You had me up until you listed your “famous funnyhumans”

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