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Skin is a rubbery, body-shaped, flesh-colored substance that envelops the bone and muscle system to keep people from looking at it (which is useful in cultures where exposed bones and muscles are frowned upon, such as Western Canada, and not so useful for scientists who study bones and muscles, who are forced to cut through the skin and discard it in order to gain access to the bones and muscles in order to study them (as depicted in a number of popular skin-cutting documentaries, which can be found at your local library)).  Skin produces sweat when it gets hot, and produces blood when it gets cut by knives, papers, and bone and muscle scientists.  Skin can be quite disgusting, particularly if it features scabs or hair.  Conversely, skin can also be “sexually” “arousing” when you see a lot of it at once, depending on whose skin it is and your own personal tastes regarding sexual “arousal”.  For example the skin of a young woman’s “bosom” or “legs” areas would be more “arousing” to a young man than the clothes normally worn over such areas, unless they are special clothes with pictures of skin on them, in which case the levels of “arousal” would be about even.  (NOTE: Such clothes are no longer legal.) J. Frederick

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  1. I like that you seperated sexually arousing into “sexually” “arousing” I have no idea why this was done but it somehow made this entry more interesting (as if). Was this “the” “purpose”? Just some head scratcher tossed in so that readers would sit and wonder when they ought to be doing that which they are “well”- and often “over” paid to do? If so, kudos. You are an accessory, cuz i just robbed my company of fifteen minutes of my mental focus.


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